Riffe Mahogany Competition Series Wood Spearguns

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Riffe Mahogany Competition Series Wood Spearguns

Step your speargun game up with the Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series! This series was made by Riffe to replace the Padauk Competitor Series. The Mahogany was designed to give you all of the same features found in the Teak and Padauk guns, but just with a different kind of wood! This series comes in 7 different sizes so you are sure to find the right one for you!

Features of the Mahogany Competition Series

  • Durable Mahogany wood stock
  • Only comes in Hawaiian setup
  • Designed to replace the Padauk series
  • Comes in 7 different sizes
  • Hawaiian setup includes flopper shaft, 1 wrap of line, and 2 power bands
  • #1 is a great speargun for small to medium fish for inshore fishing
  • #2 is a great speargun for outside reef/ reef fishing and is versatile due to its size so can catch medium to large fish
  • #2X is great for mid range reef fishing and has an extended butt so you can load the gun with ease
  • #3 is perfect for bluewater or pelagic fish
  • #3X is perfect for outter edge reef and blue water spearfishing


  • 9/32" Hawaiian Flopper Shaft
  • 9/16" power bands
  • #00 - 27"
  • #0 - 33"
  • #1 - 39"
  • #2 - 45"
  • #2X - 48"
  • #3 - 51"
  • #3X - 54"