Riffe 6 Foot 2-Piece Pole Spear Assembly RPS-062

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Riffe 6 Foot 2-Piece Pole Spear Assembly

Take your pole spear game to the next level with the Riffe 6 Foot Pole Spear Assembly! Designed to be versatile with the ability to quickly take down fish! The Javelin style is tapered in the front and back which allows incredible maneuverability in all water conditions! Designed with a handle grip that is 2/3 from the butt end and a flat nose which makes securing the sections of the spear shaft simple. You will need 3/8" and 9/16" open end wrenches and vice grip pliers for assembly. 

Features of the Pole Spear Assembly

  • Tapered, javelin style pole spear
  • Incredible maneuverability
  • Great in all water conditions
  • Designed with a handle crip 2/3 from the butt end
  • Flat nose allows for easily securing secitons


  • Weight: 2.2lbs