NRS 4mm Neoprene Cockpit Cover Black

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NRS 4mm Neoprene Cockpit Cover Black

Keep bugs and debris out of your boat's cockpit with the NRS 4mm Neoprene Cockpit Cover! The cover was designed with 4mm neoprene and an rugged shock cord that makes it easy to install and snap into any kayak!

Features of the Neoprene Cockpit Cover

  • 4 mm neoprene is waterproof and extremely durable, able to keep out unfriendly critters as well as windborne and falling debris during storage.
  • A rugged shock cord along with a rubberized inner deck coating grips the kayak combing from the inside, resisting slippage and giving you a secure way to keep your gear and the inside of your boat dry while traveling.
  • Stretchy nylon outer covering makes it easier to get on and off while looking pretty sleek as well.


  • 4mm neoprene and nylon handle
  • Small Deck Length: 28"-32.5"
  • Small Deck Width: 15.5"-19"
  • Medium Deck Length: 31"-34.5"
  • Medium Deck Width: 17"-20.5"
  • Large Deck Length: 34"-37.5"
  • Large Deck Width: 19"-22"

NRS Neoprene Cockpit Cover Video