Adventure Technology Search Angler Fishing Paddle

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Adventure Technology Search Angler Fishing Paddle

The Adventure Technology Search Angler Fishing Paddle was designed with the advanced paddlers in mind and is great for the heavier, sit-on-top kayaks so you can reach places you couldn't with other paddles! Made with fiberglass reinforced nylon blades that help with increased power and control. The ferrule adjustment is quick and allows you to adjust up to 10cm in increased length. 

Features of the AT Search Fishing Paddle

  • Great for sit-on-top kaykas
  • Great for well-conditioned paddlers
  • Gets you to reach certain spots in the water
  • Added power and control
  • Ferrule adjustment - up to 10cm of length

Specifications of the Adventure Technology Search Angler Paddle

  • Shaft type: straight
  • Shaft material: carbon blend
  • Length: 240, 250, and 260
  • Blade material: fiberglass reinforced nylon
  • Weight: 37oz