Adventure Technology Pursuit Angler Fishing Kayak Paddle

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Adventure Technology Pursuit Angler Fishing Kayak Paddle

The Adventure Technology Pursuit Angler Kayak Fishing Paddle is a great option whether you're a beginning, intermediate, or advanced paddler. Designed with a full range of versatility and performance with its fiberglass reinforced blade and adjustable ferrule system, giving you unlimited feathering. The paddle features measuring tape graphics and line hook cut out. 

Features of the AT Pursuit Fishing Kayak Paddle

  • Great for low angler paddlers 
  • Great for kayak fishing 
  • Adjustable with ferrule - up to 10cm
  • Unlimited feathering
  • Great performance 
  • Versatile 
  • Measuring tape graphics
  • Line hook cutout

Specifications of the Adventure Technology Pursuit Kayak Angler Fishing Paddle

  • Shaft size: Standard
  • Length: 230, 240, 250, and 260
  • Blade shape: dihedral
  • Blade material: fiber reinforced nylon
  • Blade size: 93.8 sq. in.
  • Weight: 36 oz