8' FOIL 7mm 'Calf' Coiled - Black

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The 8', 7mm, 'calf' coiled leash is designed for foiling.

  • VAMO Strong: VAMO leashes are made with high quality TPU urethane allowing for feather weight feel yet maintaining hurricane swell strength. 
  • VAMO Comfort: Just because your leash is strong doesn't mean it needs to dig into your ankle. The reinforced neoprene quilted ankle cuff wraps around your calf and conforms to the contours of your skin so you can glide in comfort while feeling secure to your board. 
  • Tangle and Hassle FREE: Double swivels at the cuff and board rail saver means your leash is free to roam while you fly without getting tangled in your leash. The double web rail saver protects your board from scuffs and scrapes while you venture into waters of all types. 
  • Quick release ankle cuff and key pocket keeps your car safe while you enjoy the water.  
  • Lifetime Warranty: We are surfers, paddlers, and enthusiasts of anything that takes us outdoors. We use and love our equipment daily. You should be worried about how to get out there and enjoy your adventures free from worry about how your gear will perform. It's what we expect from our products. If it fails during the normal cycle of life from a product we will replace your gear. Let's Go!