30" & 18" Vamo Premium Truck Tailgate Pad

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The Vamo Tail Gate Pads will keep your boards organized and free from calamity while on the road. UV resistant nylon and EZ on EZ off silicone padded buckles keeps your boards scratch free and your pad in place. Holds up to 3 boards. Printed with the Vamo "Let's Go..." logo.

  • 30" Wide, for stand up paddle boards, raised foam with padded flaps fits wide variety of tailgate shapes and board widths
  • 18" Wide, for surf boards
  • 96" of Straps long enough to secure up to 3 stand up paddle boards
  • Quick and easy installation allows for safe transport of surfboards and stand-up paddle boards in truck beds
  • Heavy-duty weather resistant ripstop nylon construction, super strong straps with silicone wrapped cam buckles to protect your truck and boards.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE and replacement on failure due to manufacturer’s defects.

Installation Instructions:

  • IMPORTANT: Occasionally the straps that tie the boards down to the pad come in upside down for packaging purposes. You need to twist them so they are right-side up BEFORE you install the tail gate pad on your truck. 
  • First remove all of the rubber bands. 
  • Lay out the pad flat on the ground so the VAMO logos are facing upward. 
  • The pad should run parallel with your tail gate. 
  • The silicone covered buckles should be pointing toward the cab of your truck with the nylon web straps facing away from your tail gate. 
  • Set the pad on the tail gate with the silicone buckles resting on the inside bed liner of the tailgate. 
  • Hold the tail gate and pad with one hand with the tailgate making a 45 degree angle from the truck. 
  • Using your other hand slip the nylon webbing hanging from the pad on the ground through the bottom crack between the tailgate and the bed of your truck. (Be sure your straps are straight to avoid twisting). 
  • Thread the nylon webbing through the silicone buckles and synch it down till tight. Your tail gate pad should be ready to put a board on top and synch down the boards with the remaining strap.